As an engineering office, we aim at supporting your developments using our experience, creativity, ambition and determination in order to make your products (more) successful. Thanks to our individual client-related and project-oriented solutions, our engineering services are always tailored to your specific product developments while, at the same time, considering your requirements for quality, delivery and price.We wish to help our clients meet or even surpass the requirements of ever shorter product cycles, increasing quality and decreasing prices within their targets. Product development is becoming more and more complex. Networking has become essential in many industries: Consultancy, highly specialized suppliers, low cost sourcing.We can offer a comprehensive network that meets all of these requirements, and if you wish, we can even take care of network management and project coordination:

Development competencies

  • Concept- and series development
  • Surface creation
  • Engineering/Design
  • Calculation
  • Analysis
  • Field tests
  • Approval process (SAP, FCP, TAIS II)
  • Prototype creation
  • Small series manufacturing


Platform provision to efficiently integrate providers and suppliers into whole development processes.


  • Low-Cost-Engineering
  • Overall project management
  • Components
  • Modules and systems