M4 GTS High Performance Automobile

Siebenwurst Consulting & Services GmbH (former SOLID solutions in design GmbH) has a decisive part in the M4 GTS High Performance Automobile project launched by BMW M GmbH.

With the BMW M4 GTS, BMW M GmbH is presenting a fascinating high-performance car in the tradi-tion of previous legendary special models based on the BMW M3. The BMW M4 GTS has been de-signed using advanced technologies specifically for application in racing sports. The result is a lap time of 7 minutes, 28 seconds on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. At the same time, the car is road legal without restrictions. The fact that the BMW M4 GTS is limited to 700 numbered units, lends it additional exclusivity.

Siebenwurst Consulting development scope:

Construction component scope M4 GTS F82:

  • Front spoiler with adjustable aerodynamics
  • Rear wing with adjustable aerodynamics
  • Connection of roll cage
  • Connection of 6-point belts
  • Measures for securing the rear panels
  • Development of cover panel due to omission of seats

Construction component scope for water injection M4 GTS F82:

  • Construction 5-litre water tank
  • Integration of level sensor in water tank
  • Integration of temperature sensor in water tank
  • Construction of fastening system for water tank, valve block, relay in the rear of the vehicle
  • Construction and mounting of the injector rail according to package specification
  • Integration and securing of appropriate water filter according to package specification