BMW M4 GTS module carrier

Modulträger BMW M4 GTS

In the Mf GTS Module Carrier project, "Christian Karl Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG Modellbau & Formenbau and BMW AG introduced an innovation to the market.

At the 16th European SPE Automotive Division Awards in July 2015, the Landshut Plant of the BMW Group won, among other things, first prize in the "Body Interior" category. The awarded entry was a supporting structure made of thermoplastics. This lightweight concept saves two kilograms of weight compared to a conventional supporting structure made of steel and 0.75 kilograms compared to a supporting structure made of magnesium.

Siebenwurst significantly assisted this innovation by developing and constructing the injection mould. In addition, the component samples for serial production were made at the Siebenwurst Technology Centre.

For this purpose, an injection moulding process was used, with a high performance polymer matrix (PA66   PA6I / X) and a high-performance long glass fibre filling of 60 weight percent in the polymer.

Metal inserts were integrated directly via injection moulding in the highly stressed bolted-on areas of the A-pillar connection.

After the acquisition of company shares by Siebenwurst, as a joint venture we are now in a position to assume, in addition to the actual tool/mould making process, the entire product development.